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Whether it’s booking flights, ordering a milkshake or creating an Excel spreadsheet – we can take anything and make it complicated.

The other day I went to order a pizza online and I had to select the base, then I had to decide on the sauce, then I had to pick each ingredient on my topping; and then – at the very end – it said: ‘Do you want a chicken pizza?’. Yes!! I just want a chicken pizza!

There’s an increasing tendency today to overcomplicate things that should be simple: We overthink, we overdo, and we don’t stop to think about what we are really trying to achieve before we go off, full-speed ahead, because “this is such a complicated job and the client/boss wants it yesterday!”

Next time you have one of those jobs, stop for a minute, think, and ask yourself:

What exactly is it that we are meant to be doing with this – what is the true objective?

Am I potentially over-complicating it?

Why am I doing that?

As opposed to making something basic – which implies you are omitting important information, or offering a slap-dash solution – making something simple means:

  • Taking the time to really understand what you are doing and why before you start
  • Carefully considering the best way to do it – is there a more efficient or logical way? Spend time researching past approaches and alternatives and what has worked (and hasn’t)
  • Then make it even easier! Meticulously think about how you are going to break this solution down into logical, comprehendible steps that are easy to understand and straight forward to action.

Because: If you just make it simple, people will do it.

People never finish complicated stuff.

Who has time for that?