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We’ve all had a manager like it (at least we’re lucky if we have): that person who always seems to be brimming with enthusiasm, charged by the promise of new ideas, and whose passion for learning rubs off on everyone around them. Yes, their attitude is infectious.

The same can be said for managers who have little or no enthusiasm for what they do, have no interest in helping or furthering the development of their team, and frankly treat every day of work like they’d prefer to be having surgery.

Basically — managers can’t lead and inspire teams if they haven’t had their cup filled themselves. You can’t pour from an empty cup. If your leaders feel empty and under-valued, how are they supposed to rally the troops around them?

So how do we fill their cups? Find something that feeds them. Find out what they need to do their job with excellence, and give it to them. It’s about arming your leaders with the best ammunition you can to do their jobs completely and making them feel safe and equipped with the knowledge they need to thrive. And inspire others to thrive.

Investing in your team’s personal development is a way of whole-heartedly filling them up. You are investing in them and what they care about. Training should never be about ticking off a module in a text book while fighting the urge to sleep.

Engage them. Challenge them. Excite them. Fill their cups.

Here are a couple of presentations that have personally filled my cup:

Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Brené Brown: The Power of Vulnerability

Feel free to share your cup-fillers.