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Kathryn Chapman

Kathryn Chapman

Hi! I’m Kathryn.

I’ve been a boss for over 20 years, looking after teachers, trainers, administrators, HR personnel… yep, entire companies.

There are times when I feel like, “I’ve got this” and there have been and times when I am so overwhelmed I just want another boss to talk to and help me out.

The truth is nobody feels on top of their job all the time. Quite often, being in charge means feeling more stressed out and alone than anyone else in the business.

After being the boss at TAFE and of my own companies for so long, the pain and pleasure of the experience inspired me to set up a place where bosses can get the help they don’t always admit they need.  

So this is Boss Skills! It’s full of hints, tips, short training sessions and the big one… SUPPORT for you, the Head Honcho.

Kathryn Chapman's Boss Skills

I love working with people to develop their potential.

After a lifetime spent educating others, I’ve turned the practices I have lived and breathed for the past 20 years into something official.

Being the boss is equal parts terrifying and exciting. I’ve put together straightforward training and courses to help you ‘fly’… and fill in your knowledge gaps.  

With Boss Skills, you can develop those behind the scenes super-powers which will help you manage your time, develop your staff, build your authority and feel more certain about your decisions.

The online delivery format means you can learn from home and pick up what you need to know in your own time.

Our Culture


My mission is simple: Develop people and give back to the world.


The advice I provide is upfront and truthful (yep, I tell it like it is).


You can expect authentic materials from an authentic person.


I’m aware you have a lot on your plate and won’t overload you with unnecessary information.